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Manuscript Lab

I will work with you to help you complete or polish your manuscript - poetry or prose - to fully express your ideas. 

We will figure out themes, the appropriate order of the poems, and brainstorm new poems needed to flesh out your manuscript.  I will also provide line edits and deadline support as needed.

I work with high school students writing their college admission essays, and writers at all levels in their essays and scholarly projects. I am highly skilled at asking questions of the text and asking for more, richer, or different types of evidence. I also encourage writers to use their own voice in exposition and to always relate their writing to some personal stake they have either for themselves or the larger society. My freshmen undergraduates have won consecutive first prize for the LeClerc Award for Best Research Paper, 100-level category, Hunter College, Fall 2018 and Fall 2019.


What Students Say

Ellen did a wonderful job, carefully reviewing and providing helpful and insightful feedback for my college personal statement. The suggestions helped me better organize and structure the essay. Her feedback allowed me to express myself with greater coherence and impact.

— Ranesh K., college applicant 

Professor Kombiyil is one of the best english teachers I have ever had. I truly feel that my writing has improved a tremendous amount as a result of her class! 

— Expository Writing Student

 I've learned so much about my own writing style, how to critique my writing, and what I can improve on. I'm so glad I got to know her and learn from her. What a great human!!!!

— Expository Writing Student


Working together over time, I will help you find your voice, express yourself, increase your understanding of composition, and finish work. 

Help with writing goals, provide individual prompts, accountability and deadlines, and feedback on your writing.  Will create strategies and exercises tailored for revising your work. 

Thank you for the kindness and respect you have towards all your students! You where always so understanding to our challenges and doubts.

— Expository Writing Student

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