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Poem Links

Recent Publications

Dream, Radar Poetry

Listless Sonnet with Weight Gain, Pleiades

After the Party [& still I imagine], The Night Heron Barks

Gads, The Indianapolis Review

Self Portrait as a Muffler Dragging Sparks, The Westchester Review

Additional Publications

After the Party {Ma Absent}, Ovenbird Poetry

Days of 1985, Grub Street Literary Magazine

Primer, Harpur Palate Literary Journal

Love Song with Contradictions, Ploughshares

In the Old Apartment Before Language Fully Bloomed, the Landlord Tried to Evict UsMom Egg Review

Lament with Asbestos and Bells, DIALOGIST

Sugarfruit, Conisiton Prize Finalist, Radar Poetry

After the Wake, Gramma Ruth Communes with Her Beloved, Broad Street

Swarming, SWWIM

Prayer, The Offing

Birthday, The Journal

Pastoral, The Journal

To scribble down the bright magenta, begin again in the begot begun, Prelude

Landscape with Girl and Ibises, Diode

Freesia, Muzzle Magazine

Vixen Lessons, Muzzle Magazine

First Love as Walking in Accidental Stilettos, Tinderbox Poetry Journal

They Will [Not] Speak Of, The Quotidian Bee

Cerberus and Persephone, Verse Daily

Slipping on Sidewalks as an Act of Divining, Barely South Review, (nominated for a Pushcart Award)

The Momentum of Flung Stones, Barely South Review

The Universe Goes Dark, Barely South Review, (nominated for a Pushcart Award)

How I Came to Love, Poemeleon, (nominated for a Pushcart Award)

Letter to the Gods of the L&D Ward, Poemeleon, (nominated for a Pushcart Award)

Recent Publications


Kurt Cobain in the Vegas Afterlife, Come As You Are: An Anthology of 90s Pop Culture, Anomalous Press, 2017


When the Rivers Were Still Clean, the Old Men Said Take Her Down and Save Her, Eclectica Magazine Best Poetry, Eclectica Publishing Intl LLC, 2016


They Will [Not] Speak Of, Red Sky: Poetry on the Global Epidemic of Violence Against Women, Sable Books, 2016


Outgrowing: An Equation, The Absence of Something Specified: Variations on the Theme of Drought, Fern Rock Falls Press, Tiger’s Eye Press, Uttered Chaos, Noah’s Shoes Press, 2016


After Drinking Too Much Wine, Feathertale’s Big Book of Exquisitely Egregious Poetry and Diverse Versification and So Forth and Such, Feathertale, 2012

The Parting of the Sun and Moon, Inside the Mirror: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, Red Moon Press, 2005

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