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Poets Al Black and Tim Conroy chat with Ellen on this podcast episode of "Chewing The Gristle."

Listen as Ellen reads poems from her new manuscript, gives advice to new poets, and discusses her process and poetry in general.

Ellen Kombiyil Interview Chewing the Gristle


Celebrating the virtual launch of the University of Tulsa's Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry, Ellen reads her poem The Last Joyride.

Featured Written Interview 

The Poetry Issue 2022: Ma Recalls Winter and other poems, The Punch Magazine

The following poems are included with the interview:

Ma Recalls Winter
Black Fly Summer
How to Choose a Mate
My Erotic Double Rides the Monorail at the Bronx Zoo

"My practice as a poet is continually evolving."

Last Joyride Video

Written Interviews

Behind the Words: Ellen Kombiyil, Spry Literary Journal, Faith Padgett

A Collective Passion, The Hindu, Sujatha Shankar Kumar

Collective Closeup.jpg

Media Kit

Media kit for Histories of the Future Perfect is available here.

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